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Coffee Filter Jelly Fish

Posted on: April 30, 2009

(This is one of Evan’s favorite crafts.  He loves animals, especially sea animals.  Any craft he can play with, he just loves to do.  I love stain glass coffee filters.  There are so easy and fun.  I also know tons of crafts to do with them.  Sean enjoys coloring with markers and the water painting.  Both boys love playing with their jelly fish.  When they run with the jelly fish, it looks like the jelly fish are flying.)


Things you need:

*      Smock

*      Coffee filters

*      Markers

*      Paint brushes

*      Bowl

*      Water

*      Hole punch

*      Streamers

*      Stapler

*      Scissors

*      Yarn or string

You can flatten the coffee filter if you like.  Have the child color the coffee filter with markers. 

Coloring the coffee filters

Coloring the coffee filters

After the child is done decorating the coffee filter, let the child paint the coffee filter with water.  (If you want a few lighter colored filters, press some on the wet, painted coffee filter.) 

Painting the filters

Painting the filters

Let the coffee filter dry. 

Filters drying in the sun (Look, there's my foot)

Filters drying in the sun (Look, there's my foot)

Have the child punch a hole or two in the middle of the coffee filter. 

A couple of holes that aren't in the middle

A couple of holes that aren't in the middle

Have the child cut eight streamers of about two feet long.  Staple the streamers onto the filter. 

Stappling streamers

Stappling streamers

Tie and tape a piece of yarn about two feet long through the hole.


Jelly fish!

Jelly fish!

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