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Lilypad Boats

Posted on: June 12, 2009

( I got this idea at this website, but I decided not to float tea candles on them.  I thought we could float frogs, which worked out well.  The boys loved them!  I made a few of them testing out with different glues.  Don’t use school glue, unless it’s a one time use.  Craft glue and hot glue worked well.  Craft glue gets a little soggy, but it will re-adhere when dried.)

Things you need:

  •       2 sheets Green craft foam
  •       A CD
  •       Scissors
  •       A pen
  •       Hot glue gun with glue or craft glue
  •       A toy to sail the boat, preferably a frog

Trace the CD on both pieces of craft foam. 

Tracing circles

Tracing circles

Cut out the circles.  Cut out a triangle out of the circles (best to do it with one circle on top of the other), forming the lily pad. 

Does it look like a lilypad yet?

Does it look like a lilypad yet?

Glue the lily pads together.  Allow the glue to dry. 

It's time to sail.

It's time to sail.

Take the lily pads out to the pool or bath.

So the green one is the life guard?

So the green one is the life guard?

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