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(This is a great craft with lots of variety.  The boys and I did this one last year.  They had a blast.  The husband loved it.)

What you need:

  • Unfinished thick picture frame (the thicker the better to give room for toddler creativity)
  • black or white paint
  • finger paints
  • paint brushes
  • sealer or top coat
  • sand paper
  • smock

First sand and prep the picture frame.  Next paint the background color with white or black paint.  Once the background paint is dry, have the child paint the frame.  After the painting is dry, paint the sealer or clear top coat to protect the painting.


For older children, a regular unfinished frame works well too.

The child can stain the frame.

The child can paint it black and the sponge paint it with gold, silver, or any other favorite color.

The child can paint it black and put stickers on it.  Glow-in-the-dark stars look really cool.

The child can paint it a solid color and glue rocks, shells or buttons on the frame.

The child can decoupage the frame with material, color paper, magazine articles.

(When it rained the other day, I was so excited because I’d wanted to do this craft forever.  I had to wait until warmer weather.  It also turns out it should be raining, not sprinkling.  It did not work out at all.  I’ll try next time it rains.  I got the craft at Family Fun.)

Things you need:

  • Heavy paper plate
  • Food coloring
  • Rain

Drop several drops of food coloring on the plate.  Take the plate outside and let the rain make patters with the food coloring. 

Food coloring on the plate- check

Food coloring on the plate- check

Out in the rain

Out in the rain


Still doesn't look like art

Still doesn't look like art


Still looks ugly

Still looks ugly

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