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(The boys loved them.  They loved making them.  They loved playing with them.  I found them to be the ugliest frogs in the world, which is why I give this craft thumbs down.  You know what you get when you make eyes by using a small pompom and then glue a mini pompom on top?  You get what looks like white breasts with green nipples.  I secretly threw these away and came up with my own version of the craft, which I’ll post on the next post.  If you can figure out a better looking frog, let me know.)

Things you need:

  • 3in green pompom
  • 2in green pompom
  • 2 small white pompoms
  • 2 green or black mini pompoms
  • Green craft foam
  • Glue (school or craft)
  • Scissors

Cut out of the green foam two frog feet.  I used a quarter to trace around and added three triangles to the top. 

I know.  They're ugly feet.

I know. They're ugly feet.

Have the child glue the 3in pompom to the feet.  Have the child glue the 2in pompom to the first one, making the body and head.  On the top of the head, have the child glue the white pompoms to make eyes. 

Gluing the eyes

Gluing the eyes

Have the child glue the mini pompoms to the small white ones.

The Ugliest Frog in the World.  (I'm a freak of crafting!)

The Ugliest Frog in the World. (I'm a freak of crafting!)

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